Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A Bandage thing

I just wanted to do a quick afternoon post on Bandage Dresses.

I get a lot of question about Bandage dresses and what I own and where I buy mine from.
This year for me was the year of the 21st Birthday celebrations, where I needed something slightly more formal but also stylish. 
These dresses are so flattering and I think every girl should have one a bandage item in their wardrobe. 

I buy my bandage dress' from Maddie Belle & my rainbow skirt and silver skirt below I got for Tigermist.


XX tessjacks

Monday, 28 October 2013

Outfit Appreciation of 2013

Here are some of my favourite outfits / buys of 2013, so far.
My 21st Birthday Outfit 
Dress - Wreak Havoc Dress by  Alyssmn
Shoes - The Kane by Jeffrey Campbell also purchased from Alyssmn. 

 A Bright Moment
Entire outfit from Tiger Mist

 Tartan LOVE 

Dress from Edge of Urge
Shoes - Fluffy, WindsorSmith

 (promise to do a post completely on my obsession with the Holographic trend!)
Crunk Skirt - Alyssmn
Bodysuit - Barbot

Also will do a post completely dedicated to my love of the Melbourne Fashion Brand Alyssmn where the majority of my wardrobe is from.
30 Nights Skirt - Alyssmn
Shoes - The Big Lita by Jeffrey Campbell 
Bikini Top - Aphrodite tartan bikini - Alyssmn


Sunday, 27 October 2013

CrackMilk aka BLACKMILK.... My Addiction.

I'm back! 
I have decided to re-join the fashion blogging community.
I am hoping this time to stick with it and post things I hope you all will enjoy to see and read.

I'm a fashion obsessed 21 year old girl from Melbourne, Australia.
My aim is to post about my style, trends and labels I love.

With saying that for my first blog post in a year I would talk about something I am very passionate (maybe slightly obsessed) about........ BlackMilk Clothing.

I often get messages on facebook, tumblr and instagram asking about my collection, my personal opinion on sizing, fit and styling.
As a well experienced sharkie, ( this is what we blackmilk obsessed call ourselves) I would like to share with you my fellow bloggers some of the reasons why I love this brand so much and tell you a bit about my BlackMilk experience. 

My first piece was purchased in July 2012, My Beetlejuice Leggings. 
Which I still wear all the time they are one of my favourite pieces I own.  
Now my collection is about 80+ items... oooopsie!

Reason why I LOVE BlackMilk.......
- Unique designs
- Super stylish
- Comfy
-The BM community
- Items are always flattering
- FREE express post within AUS (who doesn’t love free postage)
- Everything is made in Australia and hand sewn by the mega hotties at BlackMilk headquarters in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Below are some hot little bosses’ repping their wet look BM ;)

Today I was posted on BlackMilk clothing's instagram account for their BM pic of the week competition for their wet look items. Above is me wearing my favourite Wet Look High Waisted Overalls.

Look if you want to stand out and want people checking out your hot little boss body just buy them! ;)
It is 100% completely worth the investment. 
I wear BlackMilk 6/7 days a week.

It is not just a fashion brand it’s a community.
 I am apart of 4 community groups on facebook, but I am sure there is many more.
These groups make you feel so warm, welcome and accepted.
These are places where you can share all your BM fashion ideas and everyone will appreciate them, also seeing other girls rocking a pair of leggings you were thinking about buying but can’t justify it? 
Well you will definitely find yourself having a BM "blackout" and impulse buying that new shiny pair of nylon! Aaaaaand you'll see this pop up in your email <3

I started writing this post a few weeks ago, but didn’t have the guts to post it because I didn’t think it would be very good or anyone would read it.
 After having my photo put on the BM instagram account this morning I managed to get the courage to finally post this! (after re writing and reading it multiple times)


xx tessjacks

p.s below are some images from my IG account of me wearing my BlackMilk loud and proud <3

Feel free to send my any questions or comments for future blog ideas, I'd love to hear them.